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The Rowan County Sr HS Speech Team is one of Kentucky's most successful high school programs. Since 1984, the program has served to offer students a proper education in oral communication. Through classroom curriculum and competitive tournaments, the team prides itself in preparing students for their future careers with speaking and leadership skills which last a lifetime. Alumni of the team have gone on to be highly successful business men & women, lawyers, physicians, college professors, actors, bureaucrats, scientists, publicists, musicians...and list goes on and on.   

Providing this education is not cheap. There are many costs associated with competitive speech: tournament fees, transportation, hotels, professional attire, meals, coaching, etc. The average cost for one member to participate for one year is close to $1000, not including extra national level tournaments. We are fortunate to have a board of education and parent booster organization who are financially supportive of what we do. But that money only goes so far. 

We rely heavily on the support of kind benefactors like you! Please consider making a donation to our team. No matter if its $10, $100, or $1,000, every amount helps.
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  • Timeline 25

    Edco - $25 for Submitting NSDA Survey achieved

    Our team just earned $25 from Edco for submitting an NSDA survey!

  • Christina McCleanhan donated "Practice, polish, perfect! Good Luck! "
  • Jennifer Scott donated "Good luck and enjoy the experience! "
  • Gail Perryman donated
  • Martha Patrick donated
  • Joni Johnson donated "Congratulations to the entire RCHS Speech Team on a great year! " - via Ryan Brown
  • Sarah Dailey donated "Go out and give it your all. I’m sure you’ll make us proud" - via Ryan Brown
  • Kasandra Lambert donated "Good luck! Enjoy your time and translate the skills you learn into your future classes, careers, and relationships. " - via Ryan Brown
  • Timeline 50

    Stax Inc. - $50 for $250 NSDA Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just raised $250 with Edco and earned another $50 through the Stax Inc. - $50 for $250 Matching Power Grant™.

    Thank you to our supporters for all your help!

  • Jana Jensen donated "RCSHS Speech Team was such a positive part of my high school experience. I wish you the very best!" - via Ryan Brown
  • Cliff Scott donated - via Ryan Brown
  • Sarah Carew donated "Bring the heat and the power red suit! " - via Ryan Brown
  • L. Craft Craft donated - via Ryan Brown
  • Kara Hernandez donated - via Ryan Brown
  • Jenny (Young) Jones donated "Best of luck Vikings!" - via Ryan Brown
  • Mary N. Williams donated "Congratulations on this impressive achievement, and best of luck in the national competitions!" - via Ryan Brown
  • Eva Ellis donated - via Ryan Brown
  • Ryan achieved Elite Diamond Fundraiser status by raising $1,000 for the club.

  • Ryan leveled up to Elite Platinum status by capturing $250 in donations for the club.

  • Ryan became an Elite Gold Funrdaiser by closing the deal with 10 club donors.

  • Sheryl Wilson donated "In honor of Virginia Landreth Etherton and Lucy Moore and in memory of Harlen Hamm." - via Ryan Brown
  • Edco donated - via Ryan Brown
  • “An anonymous donation was made "Very proud of the continued RCSHS leadership in speech history. Go Vikings!" - via Ryan Brown
  • Chance Pennington donated "Speech changed my life in so many positive ways. I am so glad the tradition lives on in you at RCSHS! Speak on Vikings!" - via Ryan Brown
  • Tom Sternal donated "From all those who have come before you, we wish you luck. Stay grounded, be kind to yourself and feel your courage!" - via Ryan Brown
  • Sarah Dailey donated "Best of luck to our National Qualifiers. Have fun and perform well. " - via Ryan Brown
  • Christina McCleanhan donated "Hey Speechies, Shine,sparkle,and succeed! " - via Ryan Brown
  • Aelaf Gebrewold donated "We are proud of you and Good luck!!!" - via Ryan Brown
  • Jennifer Scott donated - via Ryan Brown
  • “An anonymous donation was made - via Ryan Brown

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